About - A Glimpse into the Life of Diana Noble

The path that has taken me to where I am in life today has been anything but linear.  Throughout all the bumps, bruises, mistakes and hard lessons, somehow I have arrived at this place where I feel my purpose is to help others discover their best selves.  The one constant in my adulthood has been continuous learning and improvement, but it wasn't always that way...

The Younger Years

My story begins just as everyone's does - as a child.  My dad was in the military but always had his hands in some other entrepreneurial project, my mom was always a workaholic and over-achiever.  As an only child, I learned independence at a young age and had my own way of doing pretty much everything.  I rebelled against conformity, had to learn the hard way, and got into my fair share of trouble.  Because of my father's career, we moved around at least once every three years, which I suppose lead me to being very adaptable to change.  


My teenage years were tumultuous in so many ways.  Just imagine living with a drill sergeant and being someone who doesn't like to follow orders - my life at home in a nutshell.  My parents clearly didn't know how to deal with such a free-thinker who lives to the tune of her own song, and so they sent me to several counselors throughout my adolescence, none of which ended in the results they were hoping for.  I always felt like the counselors were trying to figure out what was "wrong with me," leading me to feel worse after each session and giving me more of a reason to rebel against my parents.

Diana Noble

I moved out for the first time at the tender age of 15, dropped out of school and worked full time.  It wasn't long before I was evicted, three months to be exact, and I was crawling back home to mommy and daddy.  The second time I moved out I was 16, and it was almost like deja vu in the sense that I dropped out of school once again to work full time to afford to live, this time lasting roughly 8 months.  I found myself to have a bit of the workaholic tendencies of my mother, often holding more than one job at a time even in my youth.  By the time I finally graduated from high school, a year later than expected, I had dabbled in my fair share of recreational drugs and other bad habits, and moved away from home three times.

When my parents divorced when I was 19, I think it was one of the lowest years of my life.  I dropped out of college, committed a few petty crimes, blew through my student loans within weeks, couch surfed at a friend's place for a few weeks, and resorted to everything that was bad for me for comfort ... not some of my finer moments.  In life though, you have those rock bottoms that make you look at everything differently and, hopefully, that you can use as stepping stones for the future.  Had it not been for this time of struggle in my life, it wouldn't have lead me to...

Adulthood in Fort McMurray

Moving to Fort McMurray when I was 21 would be one of those life-changing decisions that I didn't know at the time.  It was a time in my life to put the past behind, remembering what I had been through and using it as a catalyst for change.  The opportunities available to me as a young adult really laid the foundation for the present I live now.  By the age of 23, I had been working at a law firm for some time and stumbled upon the opportunity to open my first business, Noble Services Inc. Faced with the need for change a couple years later, I decided to pursue a career in real estate and left my position at the law firm, using the knowledge gained to help me in my new career path.  While running my business and being a licensed real estate agent, I was presented with another rewarding challenge - to take over as the owner of local newspaper publication, snapd Wood Buffalo.  It wasn't long before I wanted to get to the top of my career in real estate as well, opening up my third business, Seller Direct Fort McMurray, just a year and a half later.  

It has been over a decade since my husband and I first moved to Fort McMurray, and since that time we have become home owners, business owners, world travelers, parents and grandparents.  Life is full of constant excitement with many ways to spend each day.  As I head into this new chapter of my life, I feel it's time to use the experiences I've had in my youth, in business, and life in general, to help others make a noble choice to find the path to their best selves, whatever that looks like for them.

Awards & Credentials

Top 40 under 40 in The Connect newspaper 2012

Nominated as Woman of Inspiration by Girl's Inc. of Northern Alberta 2016/2017

Top 50 under 50 in Your McMurray Magazine 2017

Nominated as Micro Business of the Year (snapd Wood Buffalo) 2015

Recipient of Fort McMurray Tourism Media Award 2016

Nominated for Arts Council Wood Buffalo Excellence in Arts Awards in Media Arts category

Director for Board of the Canadian Mental Health Association 2013/2014

Director for the Board of the Fort McMurray Chamber of Commerce 2015-2017 and 2018-2019

Member of International Coach Federation (ICF)

Currently enrolled in the iPEC Coaching Program to attain Certified Professional Coach (CPC) designation, and upon completion will be working towards Associate Certified Coach (ACC) designation with the International Coach Federation (ICF)