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Join the EntrePROneur Masterclass group coaching program

ONLY 9 spots available - next Masterclass starts March 1, 2023

You can have it ALL!!!

  1. You CAN make more money in less time

  2. You CAN have a successful business AND a balanced life

  3. You CAN be a leader in your business AND make a real impact

  4. You CAN live your BEST LIFE every. single. day.


All those bullshit myths you learned like:

  • I can only be successful if I work my ass off

  • There's not enough time in the day to get everything done

  • I have to sleep less, skip meals & miss out to make more time to work on my business

  • Only lucky people make it big

  • I'm not smart enough, strong enough, talented enough, _______ enough to be successful in business

It's time to let that shit go!

As a serial entrepreneur who runs 4 businesses and is a Mom, Wife, volunteer, board director, roller derby player etc...I wear A LOT of hats! But even entrepreneurs who only have one business often finds themselves being the CEO, the bookkeeper, the marketer, HR, sometimes even the janitor! The EntrePROneur Masterclass will help you get really clear on the future you want and help you put a strategy in place to make it happen!

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Why be just an entrepreneur when you can be an EntrePROneur!

Masterclass Specs:

3 month group coaching program

March 1, 2023 - May 30, 2023

1 hour of group coaching every Tuesday at 11AM (except the first Tuesday of the month)


30 min 1:1 coaching with Business Coach the first week each month

3 EntrePROneurs in the focus seat each week to get coached in the group session

Kick off the Masterclass with your own Energy Leadership Index Assessment & Debrief (rated as one of Forbes Magazine's top 10 assessments every executive should take)

First group coaching call starts March 14

Private EntrePROneur Facebook community

Your very own accountability tracker software to track your progress

Weekly videos & online worksheets


Unlimited coaching support between classes

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This program will change the way you do business!

Make this the year you stop making excuses and start taking success into your own hands!

"A Coach is someone who tells you what you don't want to hear, who has you see what you don't want to see, so you can be who you always knew you could be." - Tom Landry

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If you're feeling...

Frustrated because there aren't enough hours in the day

Tired because you're working your ass off just to get by

Defeated because you feel like you should be able to juggle it all AND still have a life


Being an entrepreneur is HARD WORK, but it doesn't have to feel that way - there is a better solution!

I'm Diana Noble


I'm a serial entrepreneur quadrupling as an ICF Certified Business Coach & Consultant. I wear a lot of hats - business owner x4, mom of a toddler, wife,  community leader, freelancer and much more. That seems like a lot but I've got a pretty good handle on it all now, but that wasn't always the case.  I'm a firm believer in seeing opportunity and going for it and so far, that mindset has paid off.  But, with all the opportunity comes the balancing act of making it all happen without letting everything else fall.  True story - the question people ask me most is "do you ever sleep?" And the answer is YES!!!  To be a kick-ass, productive EntrePROneur, you have to handle all the craziness that being in business throws at you while taking care of yourself!

I'm so excited for this upcoming Masterclass that will bring like-minded entrepreneurs together to share in each other's energy and success! Are you ready to become an EntrePROneur?

Your business should be a vehicle through which you live your BEST life, not something that holds you back from it!

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