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Reflections on the Water

The moment could not be filled with more perfection - if perfections exists, I’d have to think it would be something like this. I have a gorgeous view of the lake, the shade of trees that were here long before I was even born, and the sound of the water hitting the shore. I sat here first thing this morning before the family was awake, drinking my cappuccino and just observing everything around me. It was still very quiet at that time of day, not yet 8AM. It wasn’t filled with the sounds of families enjoying the water on boats and jet skis like there is right now, something I do find soothing. I was thinking about all the memories that have been created at this beach treehouse by the family who lived here for so long. To say I’ve been breath-taken by the incredible works of art built from wood that surrounds this custom cabin, would be an understatement. Two-thirds of a man’s whole life went into this place, and the intricate care and detail that fill its every crevice are astounding.

I’m feeling inspired by so much in life lately, and sitting here on this balcony overlooking the lake is heightening it. I’ve noticed a shift in the past few months of where I am and where I want to be. A new chapter awaits and it’s exciting and scary all at the same time. I am changing, but it’s a welcome change.

I can’t recall any book I’ve ever read twice, even though I’ve tried more than once. I find it difficult to pick up something I’ve read the words of before, even if I can’t quite remember what those words said. It’s not like a movie I can gladly watch 50 times and recite every verse of (there’s a few of those for sure!). But, last week, noticing the shift I’ve made away from my morning routine, I picked up Dr. Wayne Dyer’s appropriately titled book, “The Shift.” I remembered the profound effect it had when I read it before, and I thought – hey, why not? The basis of the book is about shifting from Ambition to Meaning, and feeling right there right now, the book called to me from my shelf once again.

The older I get, the more I grow and awaken to what is truly important. I realize the constant striving, the next best thing…the shift away from meaning to ambition. I’m at a place now where ego is taking a back seat and I am becoming more spiritual and in tune with my authentic self – a person who wants to spend a lifetime being of service to others. I am becoming more aligned with who I am, and not caring so much about what anyone else thinks (sorry, not sorry).

Life is too short to spend it the way I’ve been living for the last decade. It’s time to slow down, focus, and take more than a moment enjoying days like today – my ideal of perfection!

My view at Mewatha Beach Treehouse

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