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This 3 week course is for the entrepreneur who has too much to do with too little time, who's tired because they're busting their ass and getting no where, and who wants to have it all and do it all without sacrificing their sanity and everything else in their life.


Starting May 24 at 12PM (MST) and running each week same time for 3 weeks, we'll go over:


  • 3 vitally important aspects of your business that are probably missing

  • Going from "busy" to productive so that what you're working on is actually leading to the success you want

  • How to create a "Think big - Make it big" business mindset

Shifting from Chaos to Clarity

  • Following your purchase, you will receive an email & calendar invitation with the Zoom meeting link for May 24 @ 12PM (MST).  This will be the same link used for all 3 dates.

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