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I'm Diana Noble, a serial entrepreneur quadrupling as an ICF Certified High Performance Business Coach.

I'm a rebel with a cause who's never walked a straight line. I LOVE my life! And it's time you do too!


I help service-based business owners create a business that pays more than the bills, leaves you fulfilled, gives you back your time and lets you live an amazing life. It's time to achieve high performance in ALL areas that make your life worth living.

Diana Noble - Noble Choice Coaching
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Two Questions I Get Asked The Most:

1. How do you do it?

2. Do you ever sleep?

Diana Noble - Noble Choice Coaching

After all, I run 4 separate businesses, have a kid at home, a kid out of the home, two grandkids and I'm ALWAYS on the go.


I used to think that if there weren't enough hours in the day, then I had to keep working harder and cut out sleep & meals to make MORE TIME!

WRONG!!! This will absolutely 100% without a doubt lead to BURNOUT and dissatisfaction in your life (and likely a whole bunch of health problems too)

So then how DO you do it? All the things you have to do AND be kind AND be a good person AND keep your businesses above water AND not feel like tearing your hair out?


Diana Noble - Noble Choice Coaching

High Performance Business Coaching 1:1

If you're ready, determined and committed to growing your business in a way that pays more than the bills, leaves you fulfilled and lets you live the life of your dreams, then work with me 1:1 to make it happen!

Diana Noble - Noble Choice Coaching

High Performance Group Coaching

Group coaching is an experience like no other. Learn and grow with like-minded business owners, create a network of accountability, and apply life-changing principles to your business.

Noble Choice Coaching Business Coaching

EntrePROneur Masterclass

This self-paced program combines 1:1 Coaching, curriculum designed to get you thinking about how you're showing up, taking full control of time and strategizing towards the future. you REALLY want.

Noble Choice Coaching - Business Coaching

Business Builder Series

Do you need to step up your game in a few specific areas of your business? The Business Builder Series is a 9 session package where you choose the 3 areas you need to level up right now.

Speaker - Noble Choice Coaching - Diana Noble

Book Diana to Speak

Want Diana to speak at your event? She leaves audiences feeling inspired, motivated and thinking about how to apply her advice to their lives and businesses.

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Are you a business owner who needs to:

  • Tackle the never-ending "to do" list

  • Put systems in place to organize your time

  • Stop spinning your wheels and start making real progress

  • Develop your leadership skills to attract, retain and empower your staff

  • Work "on" your business instead of in it

  • FEEL successful, not just look like it on the outside

I work with business owners to take a 360° view of where they're at so they can get out of their own way to get where they want to go! No excuses, just results!
Of course, the results are really up to you - this isn't a sprinkle of fairy dust that's going to magically get deliver the outcomes you want, you have to put in the work! But I promise, if you do, you'll see the changes you want and be in a better place than you were when we started!

Your business should be a vessel through which you live your BEST life, NOT something that holds you back from it.


My journey with Diana began as a business transaction. A coach and her student. For over a year she taught me to conquer certain fears. She taught me to take action. She taught me perspective and about truth with a capital "T". She taught me about influential factors. She taught me many things, and I began discovering myself in the process. Her EntrePROneur Masterclass was more than an entrepreneurial workshop, it redefined my way of thinking and living. I gained a wealth of knowledge in her EntrePROneur Masterclass.

- Guillaume P.

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We ALL have 24 hours in day! Nobody's more special than you, nobody has a secret potion to get more hours. Some have just figured out how to take control of their lives, their time, their energy and make it work FOR them instead of an excuse that holds them back.

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