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A Glimpse into the Life & Business of Diana Noble

Serial Entrepreneur, High Performance Business Coach, Speaker, Facilitator, Mom, Wife, Nana

Serial Entrepreneur

When everyone asks you what you want to be when you grow up, nobody says, “I want to be an entrepreneur!”  But here I am, all grown up and an entrepreneur, or serial entrepreneur as I like to say.  I stumbled into the world of entrepreneurship, starting my first business at 23 years old by accident.  I don’t think there was anything special about the moment, I did what any daring 20-something with risk in her blood would do.  An opportunity presented itself, and instead of counting all the reasons why I couldn’t, I tossed out the rule book and said why not?  That was the beginning of Noble Services Inc., my first business. The thought of creating something new that I could call my own was exhilarating.  I remember trying to come up with the name, opting to go with one that would hopefully be mine one day too (I was still a Washer back then, a few years away from being Noble).  I used to joke about having a “Noble Empire,” not realizing how powerful words truly are!


For a couple years, I worked full time Monday through Friday as a Senior Paralegal at a local law firm, while answering emails, calls and doing work over the lunch hour and on evenings and weekends for my business.  I was a one woman show and thought I was so busy back then.  Eventually, my need for curiosity seeped through my veins and it was time for a change.  While pursuing my real estate licence, I quit my full-time job, ran my business full time, and freelanced for a local community publication that I would later call my second baby.  In no time, I became a licensed REALTOR® and didn’t waste any time taking on my Broker’s license.​​

While honeymooning in Europe, finally as a Noble, I got an email from the owner of the publication I freelanced for, wanting to go for lunch.  I remember thinking to myself “I wonder what he wants – me to serve someone with legal documents, or help him with real estate?” Never in a million years would I have guessed he wanted to chat about me buying snapd Wood Buffalo.  As a journalism drop out, this was a dream come true and almost seemed too good to be true.  After months of due diligence, Noble Media Corporation o/a snapd Wood Buffalo was born in 2014.


True story – after I bought the paper, my husband looked at me and said something along the lines of, “this is it right, you're done taking on businesses?” to which I replied “what more could I possibly do?”  I guess I underestimated my passion and potential at the time, because it was barely over a year later that I did get my Broker’s license and purchased another franchise, my third baby Noble Realty Ltd. o/a Seller Direct Fort McMurray in 2015 which re-branded to Seller Direct Northern Homes Realty in 2020 as I expanded the Brokerage to Edmonton.


My path has been anything but linear.  I have succeeded, and I have failed.  I have taken some great risks, and made good and bad decisions along the way.  The one constant though is my passion for business and helping others – leading me to my next business Noble Choice Coaching Ltd.


As a business owner, I have seen many businesses come and go throughout the years.  When I think back to the fact that I have beat out the statistics of business-failure while surviving a recession and wildfire, I am reminded of all I have learned in that time.  Throughout the years I have brought entrepreneurs together through a number of initiatives, have worked extensively with business owners on their marketing, and coached many of my own staff on skills development and training.  I have led a number of workshops on marketing, branding, and entrepreneurship and have been a guest speaker for a few panels.  The time has now come to give back in a more meaningful way to the business community that I love so much.

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As a speaker, I enjoy using the knowledge that I have gained along my path to educate other entrepreneurs (or aspiring entrepreneurs). Speaking engagements are one of my favourite ways to give back to the business community. I cover a wide range of topics including employee retention and engagement, building company culture, team unity, time management, business management, communication, marketing, branding, and community and business leadership. I love empowering others in their entrepreneurship journey!



Throughout the years I have enjoyed being a facilitator, which very much compliments my role as a Coach. However, facilitating is a very different modality. I have facilitated important group conversations on Truth & Reconciliation; I have facilitated networking exercises at conferences; I have facilitated various workshops, partnering sessions and, of course, entire Strategic Planning sessions that involve careful thought, planning and contemplation. Facilitation is a skill set that incorporates many coaching tools but is not coaching. I have proudly completed all the courses in the ICA Associates Inc. Advanced Facilitator Program which provided me with an exceptional foundation to skillfully facilitate a variety of conversations using ToP Facilitation Methods. I'm also certified in a number of assessment tools including DISC and Energy Leadership Index.

High Performance
Business Coach

As an ICF Certified High Performance Business Coach, I am able to use the researched six principles that can influence achievement to help other entrepreneurs succeed! With my experience, my love for coaching, and these studied techniques, I am able to help other business owners reach their goals. I offer both individual high performance coaching as well as group high performance coaching to suit a variety of needs.

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Diana Noble

Mom, Wife & Nana

My life isn't all about work though. I've been with the love of my life Patrick since 2005 and we officially married in 2012. I took on the role of step-mom to my daughter Bryce at 18 years old and I've been lucky to be part of her life for over half of mine. Through her, I am blessed to be Nana to my two grandkids Rylie and Blake. After a lengthy struggle with infertility, my husband and I welcomed our own son Jaylen into the world 2017 and the three of us live in our home in Fort McMurray, Alberta. One of my main motivators for being successful is to show my son the world and provide him with memorable experiences. In his young age, he has already been on more flights than I can count on two hands travelling with us to Spain, Germany, the Netherlands and Mexico. In the summer we enjoy spending quality family time together camping at our trailer. You'll also catch us going to plenty of concerts throughout the year as we all share a love of music.

Speaking Events & Appearances

Diana has been a tremendous help getting my business off the ground. Her advice and foresight have kept my progress from stalling. She is continuously pushing me to achieve my full potential. Thanks to her I have been able to step out of my comfort zone and exceed my own expectations. Diana is direct and cuts straight to the point. She has an attentive ear, keen eye, and speaks with the experience and wisdom of someone beyond her years. Diana has reminded me on numerous occasions why I wanted to get in business, and has kept me driven to reached my goals. Most importantly, she has given me the to tools, confidence and energy to go out and seek answers for myself. While I am proud to have Diana as my coach, I can also take pride in the fact that I am creating a business on my own from the ground up without any prior experience. Thanks to Diana, the mountain I have to face and climb each and every day keeps getting smaller. Diana is a relatable person with great energy and positivity. I highly recommend her services!

- Guillaume P.

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