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7 Steps to Making Your Life Happen

So many people go through their lives hoping and wishing for something but never taking any action. They wait for life to make their dreams come true instead of going out there and doing the work to make it happen.

Reality check - only YOU have control over how your life turns out. And if you choose to be an observer instead of playing an active role, then before you know it life will just pass you by and you'll be left wondering what the hell happened.

I love this quote by Hiral Nagda that says, "The moment you stop blaming others and take responsibility, you take your power back and create phenomenal opportunities for yourself."

I concur. The victim never gets anywhere fast, nor does the person who wastes their life away on the couch (read more about my thoughts on being a victim in my blog Refuse to Be a Victim)

Here are 7 steps to making your life happen:

  1. Figure out WHAT you want. It's pretty alarming that when you ask most people what kind of life they want or what they want to do in the next year, have no friggen clue. This is what I like to call the hamster on the hamster wheel that spins around and around never going anywhere. For goodness sakes, get some clarity! Ask yourself questions like: What goals do I have for my business this year? If I could wake up tomorrow and be living the life of my dreams, what would that look like? What kind of relationships do I want to have with other people? What does "success" in the next year look like? Clarity is key!

  2. Know your WHY! Why do you want what you want? What is achieving that life going to mean for you? How will it make you feel? Your WHY will keep you going when hope seems lost or when you're doing some of the tedious & mundane tasks to get you there.

  3. Plan it out! It's great to know what you want and why you want it, but if you don't make a plan to go get it, sorry to burst your bubble but it ain't gonna happen. Do a brain dump of all the actions you need to take to make your goals a reality. Don't worry right now about the prioritization of those actions and don't let yourself get overwhelmed (it's a trap!) Just get all the actions down on a piece of paper.

  4. Take action! You've got your list, now it's time to do the things on it. Again, don't worry about ALL the steps from here to there, just put the NEXT STEP you can take in the immediate future in your calendar, and then do it! That simple!

  5. FOCUS! Many entrepreneurs have this thing called... shiny object syndrome. They get distracted by all the opportunities out there especially when they're doing all those tedious tasks that don't seem very fun at all. If you keep switching directions, you're never going to make your goals happen. Keep focused on the end result and remember your WHY.

  6. Celebrate your wins - even if they're small. Our brain is wired to work towards rewards. If your goal has a ton of little steps to get there and the big win is really far out, you'll lose interest along the way if there isn't an immediate reward. Use the concept of instant gratification to keep your momentum going. Treat yourself to a new book, or a date night, or whatever is going to make it worthwhile for you to do the boring stuff so that your brain stays on track for the bigger picture. And remember, a lot of little steps added together lead to one big move.

  7. Repeat. Okay awesome, you've reached your goal! You should be feeling really good right about now. Time to celebrate and plan what's next. Follow this process over again for your next big goal.

Your life won't get better unless you do, and life's too short to be mediocre. Make your life happen - you've got what it takes to make it amazing and you deserve it!

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