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How to Deal When Shit Hits the Fan

Let's do some real talk for a second - when you are in business, shit hits the fan ALL. THE. TIME. If you think you can avoid it, think again. Unexpected situations arise out of left field and the only thing we can really do when that happens is deal with it, the best we know how.

We can only anticipate so much, but the reality is that much of what we deal with as business owners are the one-off situations that arise right before our eyes.

I chatted with a fellow business owner, Tracy Meyers of Meyers Management Consulting Group, about how to deal when shit hits the fan. In the past few years alone, we've both dealt with extraordinary situations like wildfires, recessions, floods and pandemics. Those are some pretty intense circumstances to be faced with.

Watch the video for some strategies on how deal next time shit hits the fan for you!

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