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The Day I Stopped Being an Employee

​It was October 12, 2012. A few months back, I had quit my job at the law firm to take a position with a property management company paying 50% less so that I could gain experience in ​the field, since I was taking my real estate license. I didn't know it at the time, but it was one of the worst decisions I could have ever made. 8 years ago today was the last ​day I have ever been an employee. ​That job made me miserable ​for so many reasons. ​First of all, I was hired under false pretenses - to be groomed to take over my boss' position as Regional Manager - ​and it wasn't long before he tried to pit me against a long-time employee in a "let the best woman win" kind of can imagine how well that went over with me as the new girl. It was a terrible atmosphere to work in​ where everyone was incredibly rude and confrontational - there was a ton of ego! I've never been the kind of person not to see a commitment through, but on that day 8 years ago, ​completely against my character, I walked out in the middle of the day and never looked back. From worst decision ever to best! ​My Facebook status afterwards was: ​"Made a big decision today but feeling good about it...need to find myself again and learn how to be happy for myself and my family."  

Watch the video where I tell the story about the last job I ever had, why I left, and what I learned from that experience.

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