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EntrePROneur Membership

Want the benefits of having a Business Coach but don't have thousands of dollars to invest right now? The EntrePROneur Membership is just the answer for you!

The EntrePROneur Membership program is a month-to-month program where you have access to your very own Business Coach for an affordable monthly cost. You'll get to move your business forward and be supported in your progress without tapping into your savings account.



The EntrePROneur Membership gives you access to Business Coaching at an affordable monthly price. As a member, you'll receive:

  • Two group coaching sessions per month

  • One 1:1 session per month

  • One marketing consultation per quarter (every 3rd month)

  • Mastermind community of entrepreneurs

  • Habit tracker

  • Weekly exclusive content

  • Access to business templates & guides

Choose success & sign up today!


Having a Business Coach is a proven strategy towards being successful. The word "success" is subjective and everyone's definition varies. Whatever success looks like to you, you'll be sure to achieve it with the help of a Business Coach and the support of a community of like-minded entrepreneurs.

Some of the benefits of having a Business Coach include:

  • Enhanced time management skills

  • Better focus on what really matters in your life and business

  • More satisfying relationships

  • Less stress

  • More positivity in your life and business

  • Less doubt, worry and fear

  • More confidence

  • Improved culture in your business

  • More clarity on how to move forward

  • Moral support for the direction you've chosen to take in your life & business

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Diana Noble

Diana Noble,  A.C.C.

Business and Leadership Coach & Consultant

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